Welcome to our “end of the world”.
To make you discover our universe, we propose a unique tasting menu, without meat, composed exclusively of plants from our gardens and resources from local fishing.

For lunch, menu at 65 euros.
For dinner, menu at 110 euros.
Sunday lunch, menus at 65 or 110 euros.
And children’s menus at 16 and 20 euros (meat or fish).

Until the 16th of september, the restaurant is only open in the evening.
Two shifts : 7MP and 9:30PM except on tuesdays.

All these beautiful products, chosen for their gustative qualities are worked and served by Julien, Thomas, Pauline, Anne, Léa, Benjamin, Pierre, Nathalie, Catherine and Hervé and are accompanied by a selection of exclusively “natural” wines, without any chemical product, obviously.


Obviously, everything that comes out of our kitchen is made in our kitchen.
Our vegetables, herbs and flowers come from our 4 vegetable gardens (on about 1ha) scattered around the village. They are picked every morning by Amélie and Rory, our two market gardeners.For fish, shellfish and crustaceans, it’s the Quiberon fish market, and the village of Listrec for natural oysters.